Can't use FF !!! (Once I can browse, I can't use the menu, when I use the menu - I can't browse)




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First of all thank you all for your helping here...

its something wierd that i got so many bugs in one problem and its only me.

there might be duplicate for this bug but i couldnt find it...

it goes like that...
first i installed the new version of FF after i got the old one installed on my computer.
then as far as i think in the begining it all worked good.
i had another bugs here (About sound that not work, and download that not work...) and i disabled my addons (IDM CC and Download Accelerator Plus Integration) after that, this problem started.
i thougth to allow them again, and there is no change.

Now, when i run FF it goes to the homepage and all normaly BUT i cant click on a link or on something in that page.
so, i tried to click for some botton in the menu, and it does nothing also.

so i switch to another running problam and back to FF.
if i click on something that locat in the page... so i can surf and do anything that relate to the page it self! BUT if i click on some menu item... so i can only use menu and not the opened page...

so again, if i want to switch between page and menu i shound move to another pronlem and come back to FF.

i restart my computer to see if theres any change - nothing.

and it also work like this in the addons/themes window...
i can click on the items i installed but i cant close the window until i switch to another program and come back.

My addons are those:
AdBlock Plus
AVG Safe Search - not working
Download Accelerator Plus Integration -
HideIP - 1.0
IDM CC - 5.3
NoScript -
OpenSearchFox - 0.1.5
Personas for Firefox - 0.9.2
SafeCache - 0.9 - Not working
SafeHistory - 0.8 - Not working
TrackMeNot - 0.5.32 - Not working

My FF language is Hebrew.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Opening Firefox
Actual Results:  
I cant use the menu when i click on the page. and i cant click on the page once i click on the menu. i can only switch when i press on other running program.

Expected Results:  
Work normally without any need to swith between programs.

I checked it as a Critical error cause i cant use FF.
i've just made an update for IE so i can use my internet...



11 years ago
Severity: critical → normal

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11 years ago
i've changed to 'normal' back cause it fixed once i use my middle button and open new tab...
Do you get the same problem in the Firefox safemode ?

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11 years ago
I didnt try this on safemode, but because i get really mad becuase of many many bugs i desided to remove firefox from my computer and reinstell it..
and it didnt worked at all after that.
not running not nothing...
so i deleted it
and removed anything that related to it including the values in the registery and installed it back.
and again... nothing work.. :(
and why do you can not try to run it in the Firefox safemode after reinstalling ?
That addons are not working is not our fault, you have to ask the extension authors to fix it.
I suggest running in the Firefox safemode to be sure that a clean Firefox works and I expect that it works.


Comment 5

11 years ago
i did try...
i said that before i removing it i didnt...

so firefox does not working in safe mode / normal mode...

Can you please try to create an additional test profile with the profilemanager :
and look if it works with this profile ?

Comment 7

11 years ago
nothing happen.

its like firefox does not installed...
when i try to open firefox - nothing
open ff in safe mode - nothing
opening profile manager - nothing.

i'm really appriciate your help.

waiting for your response...


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