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Cascading Rules for Link Pseudo Classes not observed.


(Core :: CSS Parsing and Computation, defect, P3)

Windows 98





(Reporter: val, Assigned: pierre)


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Quoting from CSS2:

A:link    { color: red }    /* unvisited links */
A:visited { color: blue }   /* visited links   */
A:hover   { color: yellow } /* user hovers     */
A:active  { color: lime }   /* active links    */

Note that the A:hover must be placed after the A:link and A:visited rules, since 
otherwise the cascading rules will hide the 'color' property of the A:hover 
rule. Similarly, because A:active is placed after A:hover, the active color 
(lime) will apply when the user both activates and hovers over the A element. 

I find that, no matter in what order I list the above styles, the result is the 

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1.Create a simple case based on the CSS2 example:

A:link    { color: red }
A:visited { color: blue }
A:hover   { color: yellow }
A:active  { color: lime }
<a href="#">text</a>

Observe that hovering makes the text yellow.
Now try placing the A:hover rule before A:link rule. 

Actual Results:  Observe that hovering still makes the text yellow, showing that 
cascading rules have not hidden the Hover style, as described in CSS2.

Expected Results:  Hover color hidden by either Link or Visited color.
This works for me...

When I use the following:

A:hover   { color: yellow }
A:link    { color: red }
A:visited { color: blue }
A:active  { color: lime }
<a href="#">Hover should not change the color because of cascade order...</a>

the link does not turn yellow when I hover over it (it is red unless I make it 
active, in which case it turns lime). If I put the A:active rule above the 
a:link rule then it will not turn lime. The cascade is correct.

Reporter, please re-check your testcase and post a comment if you still believe 
it is a bug. Thanks.
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Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
Pleased to say, you are quite right.

(Bug 44114 fooled me - ie. page won't reload after jumping to anchor unless one 
goes 'back' first. Which is why, on 'reloading' a new version with the rules 
reordered, the result appeared to be the same.) 
Source code problem. Marking verified.
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