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Micro-economy within Bugzilla




10 years ago
10 years ago


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10 years ago
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Along the lines of my suggestion for the Addons site: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=441215 , I think it would be great to have a means of bringing in funds, by ear-marked requests, pledges, and offers (initiated by either the donor or potential recipient, and which could pool pledges by more than one person until an amount was reached or offer met), to Mozilla and/or to developers who might be able to fix a pet bug of an individual or mini-community (primarily those contributions which would be returned to the community) and have this be integrated with Bugzilla software.

Firefox is adored in large part, I would say, because it offers a full choice of customization. Enabling the dollar to also be used would be a surer way to ensure one's "vote" had meaning. There might be concerns about undue influence away from real community needs, and policies for Mozilla employees would probably also need to be well-defined (though it'd sure be nice not to leave hard-working core developers out of some targeted profit-sharing if they're not already), but I don't think anyone could deny that participation among non-developers and outside developers as well could be enhanced by the presence of such a system.

While good will goes a heckuva long way as Firefox has demonstrated, I think it could go much farther with deeper integration with basic economics (not to close the source, but to get compensated for requests). And besides the above, you'd have another implicit outlet for overly aggressive, disgruntled folk (PUoSU)! ...

This might not be easy to implement, but I think you might see how it could really pay off (literally).  Please don't be a corporate communist (as some are) and think that your supporters must work for the benefit of the company only because they should have this ethic. :)


Reproducible: Sometimes

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Vote on a bug or leave a comment about the status of a bug which is difficult-to-solve, not favored by core developers, and/or which lacks a good number of supporters 

Actual Results:  
Stare at your email box waiting for replies. Berate yourself for not knowing or having time to learn C++ and the Mozilla source. Or get grumpy about the system.

Expected Results:  
Be able to take some action, including, as necessary, making a financial sacrifice, to get things to work as desired.


10 years ago
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