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KB article: Downloads window does not open


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There were several threads in the SUMO forum about the Downloads window failing to open when a download is initiated or the list being blank when it is opened. AliceWyman suggested we document it in SUMO in the Contributors forum.

MozillaZine has a similar page, , which we will credit.

For Firefox 2, we should include deleting downloads.rdf, but not for FF3. Has there been a case of a corrupt downloads.sqlite causing a similar problem?

We should also include instructions for disabling download manager extensions or plugins if the standard options fail - I would say kick to ((Troubleshooting extensions and themes)) and ((Troubleshooting plugins)).
Is this a Firefox 2 or Firefox 3 problem? I think that's the first question.

I don't see why this doesn't fit under

Otherwise I recommend a Firefox 2 article "Problems with Downloads" since the answer for almost all of them is to clear the downloads.rdf
The problem "Downloads manager doesn't open when downloading" and "Downloads list is blank" can affect either version if the settings aren't right (i.e. Downloads window is configured to not open in Options > Main, Downloads aren't saved in Options > Privacy).

I think it's a different article because you can definitely download files (you're not "unable to download or save files"); you just can't see them in the list.

So my thought was an article for both FF2 and FF3 with:
* How to set it so the Downloads window comes up on downloads
* How to set it so the Downloads manager keeps a list of downloads
** Link to ((Clearing private data)) to clear it at the end of the session.
If that doesn't work.
* Fix downloads.rdf for FF2
* Kick to ((Troubleshooting extensions and themes)) and ((Troubleshooting plugins)) for both FF2 and FF3 - some of the download manager extensions/plugins can do this.
Ahh I get it.

This makes sense then.
"Downloads window does not open" is a different problem than "Downloads are not listed in the Downloads window". They should be separate articles, IMO.
That makes sense. This is now "Downloads window does not open," and Bug 441697 is "Downloads window is blank."

I have notes ready for both.
Summary: KB article: Downloads window does not open or list downloads → KB article: Downloads window does not open
You can definitely make this happen by corrupting localstore.rdf, so I added that.

Could someone look for this before I mark it FIXED? I spent 15 minutes
accidentally copying and pasting the wrong things from Bug 441697; I think I
need to sleep...
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Any further discussion should take place on the staging copy: <*Downloads+window+does+not+open>.

I reviewed this and bug 441697 at the same time, because the two articles link to each other.
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