when I compose an email message in gmail a dot or period appears this does not happen when I use the safari browser




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When I compose an email message in gmail a dot/period appears when I hit the first key. It will not go away no matter what I do.  I have downloaded a new firefox and this still happens.  This does not happen with safari.  The period does not show up in my sent email--but it is annoying to have this little period show up as I am composing my message.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1..hello how are you?
Actual Results:  
hit a letter and the period appears once and stays
it can not be deleted
I can't reproduce this.

Please take a screenshot of a message containing this "period" and
attach it here.

Comment 2

10 years ago
I can't capture it in a screenshot because the period is attached to the cursor--when the cursor goes away so does the period.
Thanks to your additional information, I can now see this myself. 

The "period" or "dot" blinks off and on	with the text-entry cursor,
and appears just below the top and to its right.

It doesn't appear in every place where you can enter text -- for
example it doesn't appear when you're typing the text of a mail
message.  But it does appear when the cursor is in the message's To or
Subject fields.

The "dot" also appears in other text-entry fields besides those used
for writing email.  For example I also see it when the keyboard focus
is in the "Search Mail" box or the "Search, add or invite" box under

This happens in FF2 and FF3 (and also in 1.8-branch and trunk Camino)
on OS X (I tested in OS X 10.5.3).  It doesn't happen in other
browsers on OS X (e.g. Safari or Opera).  It doesn't happen (in either
FF2 or FF3) on Windows or Linux.

I've no idea what the cause could be.

Since it's just a minor annoyance, I'm going to give it a fairly low
Ever confirmed: true
Priority: -- → P3
OK, this appears to be an issue with FF3's default Firelight theme.
You don't see the problem if (for example) you use the Phoenix Reborn
Component: General → Theme
QA Contact: general → theme
Oops, I take that back.

You see the issue even with the Phoenix Reborn theme.

Though it does disappear momentarily if you switch themes (either from
Firelight to Phoenix Reborn or vice-versa) while logged in to your
Gmail account.  The problem returns when you log out and back in

Very strange. 
Component: Theme → General
QA Contact: theme → general
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