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10 years ago
With every new release of Firefox, I get a reminder email telling me I should update my addon.  I want to opt-out of all emails (unless its one that is a security issue).

Please add a checkbox to opt-out and then utilize it when generating emails.

As an aside, is there already a feature built within AMO for sending notifications to developers, or are you dumping a list of emails to file for someone to use.  If the latter, then I will request an enhancement.
Please remember that not everybody is experienced with extensions and their hosting like you. And an option for opt out which is easy to find would make the approval process on and after major launch day worse, because already at the moment not everybody reads the news about the upcoming release. Imagine someone cares at the moment much about his extensions and opts out, you can't promise that he will care about the extensions and gecko apps in 18 months. And he won't remember "Oh, I have to sign up again for the newsletter".

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10 years ago
Sure.  Or someone might put a hold on developing an addon or abandon it.  I haven't touched my theme in 2 years.  I want the option to opt-out.  Without that option, I would have to consider email from this group as spam.  

There are a host of options possible instead of just a blanket "don't send me email".  Just like Bugzilla allows you to control under what conditions.  

[ ] Notify me when a new release is coming and I need to update my code
[ ] Notify me when my submission has been approved/rejected
[ ] Send me useful developer links
[ ] Send me your top rated addons / recommendations
(In reply to comment #2)
> [ ] Notify me when my submission has been approved/rejected

That should never be an opt-out. Both possibilities can contain valueable information from the AMO editor and there are cases where I would retain the next version in sandbox if the issues mentioned in this previous message haven't been fixed.

What do you think about an "development stopped" option which turns of the "make your add-on compatible" mails and also places a text on the details page like "This add-on isn't maintained anymore. It will maybe work now, but stop doing so after one or two major %brandShortname updates". User agent sniffing and comparing with database can make the last sentence better.
Fligtar gets a bad mode if I dupe his bug against this one, so doing the other way.
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