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Lots of problems, SSL certs don't work, extensions don't work. Security updates don't work. Firefox on Debian don't work




9 years ago
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9 years ago
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I expected to download a quality web browser but instead I got a **** product called Firefox. Firefox is not quality but an absolute mess of programming. The first issue is that the Mozilla org does not offer security updates separate from other updates. The second problem is that the Mozilla org believes it's users are stupid and must be protected from self signed SSL certs at all cost. The third issue is the protection racket operated by Mozilla org on behalf of Google and the famous SSL operators Verisign/Thawte and a few others but mostly those 2. So free software friendly certs from Cacert is not included because there is no money to be made. The fourth issue is the Mozilla org zombie advocate that talks like a broken record...it's not a memory leak it's a feature and other assorted tunnel speak. Fifth problem is that many extensions that work great with Firefox2 are no longer available for installing without user registration at the extensions site because they don't work with Firefox3. Which brings us to the issue of Mozilla org taking it's users for granted and treating them like babies with **** diapers. It is not the responsibility of Mozilla org to determine users are stupid and unable to see for themselves whether an extension is right for them or not. Just you wait theres money to be made off those user registration eventually. Sixth issue is the co-terror rained down upon us via Adobe-Flash and Firefox. The Firefox developers are unable to comprehend that Flash plugin problems are not the fault of Adobe but instead are the sole problem of Mozilla org. If only Mozilla org developers would pull there asses off their heads and prevent Flash from taking down the web browser. Flash problems are handed off to a third party that don't give a FLYING **** ABOUT THEIR USERS BECAUSE THEY ARE A **** MONOPOLY! Other plugins are not as bad but Sun Java comes to mind. Seventh problem is the lack of 64 bit and the lack of msi installer. Jesus, you would think it's still 1999 as prince sang according to Mozilla org. You don't wait until you need 64 bit you start now you morons. 20 years from now we won't be talking about Bill Gates and 640K ram, no we will be talking about Mozilla org and 64 bit. We will all remember about Asa saying no one will ever need 64 bit. How hard can it be to create an official msi installer for Windows. Hell even Valve with the steam client does it. Python does it, Perl does does it, Mozilla don't. Eighth issue is screwing Debian. What are you guys, free software, NOT! Why the free software community gives you a pass is beyond me what with all the non-free **** in the code. I really like how you made it seem like the Debian people were anal tight when it was you all along. Hell you even got that retarded Linux-Eweek writer on your side, the one with the birds nest for a face. Ninth issue is Mozilla org is raking in the money and so are the developers but where is the free software love. FlightGear is a good project that could benefit from a donation. What about the Mplayer project. But donating would steal your profit right? Tenth issue is I'm using Firefox not because it's the best browser but because it's the lesser of the browser evils and that is so wrong.

P.S. Fix the **** CURSOR in the "Report A Broken Web Site"

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Go to http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/
2.Download and install and run Firefox
3.Experience pain
Actual Results:  
The web works well enough.  Though thats not saying allot.

Expected Results:  
It should have vomited up the non-free code and spit it out.

The Mozilla organization has fallen so far.  What happened to you people.
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