The Minotaur tool needs its own check-in ID for buildbot automation


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10 years ago
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10 years ago
The Minotaur L10N verification tool follows this process:
1. Download a Firefox Build
2. Check out the previous reference files from a repository for the previous run of this build version/locale
3. Run the test and generate a diff between those reference files and new files output from the run.
4. Check in the new files into the repository
5. Rinse, repeat with a new locale

So, I would like to create a user for the Minotaur tool, and then I would create a user repository for Minotaur that would store these reference files. 

I plan to create the repo along these lines:

Any help/insight is appreciated if you can think of some better way to do this.

Note that the Minotaur tool will be run via buildbot scripts and so there are a couple of security things that must be addressed with that:
1. We *don't* want Minotaur to have write access to the main Mozilla Central repo
2. If there is a way to give Minotaur write-only access (i.e. unable to delete) then that would be extremely awesome.
3. We definitely don't want to expose the password if that can be avoided, though I'm not exactly sure how you go about obfuscating something like that off the top of my head.  So if you have thoughts on how to do that, I'm all ears.

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10 years ago
Need some help here from reed...
Does this need to be a public or private repository?
Assignee: marcia → reed
Is this still needed, or can I close this out?
Assignee: reed → marcia

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9 years ago
Sorry, I never saw the earlier comment Reed.  As this is for L10N testing, we could make this a public repo.  It is still needed, as we've never hooked minotaur up to buildbot, I've always had other things to do.  I need to get back to it and finish that project.  I'm thinking these days that the minotaur tool could just use its own hg repository for all this and wouldn't (and indeed shouldn't) use the main m-c repo for its repository of reference test files.
Since it's for a public issue, I'm opening this bug.

Ok, what do you want the Hg repo to be called, and where should it go? Maybe under qa/?
Group: mozilla-corporation-confidential

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9 years ago
that sounds like a good idea.  qa/minotaur-files perhaps?
Looks like this got morphed into a repository-creation request, but it's not clear that it's still needed. Feel free to re-open if so.
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8 years ago
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