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10 years ago
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10 years ago
The download counter seems busted. Lots of people still following this so it'd be nice if it was working for at least a bit longer. If we do decide to take it down, it'd be good to put in some kind of note and a link to Spread Firefox where people can watch the grand total or something like that.

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10 years ago
did this on purpose - download day already has a static version of the count, talked to mary, she was fine with this going down after the final count was certified.  ryan already made the changes to the download day/sfx site.  this was never meant to be production, just a dev thing, on a vm, behind the development netscaler - amazing it made it this far :-)  redirect is in to download day.
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10 years ago
cool with me. thanks for cleaning it up with the redirect. 
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