Assertion failed: "(((target.ins->code&~MIR_float) == MIR_def)) (was: flash authoring crash with debug StagePlayer.swf)



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(Reporter: Chris Peyer, Unassigned)



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1. First replace your StagePlayer.swf installed with diesel with the debug version found in the bug files. StagePlayer.swf is installed in the authoring application folder in the Common/Configuration folder.
2. Launch diesel
3. Open a new AS3 FLA
4. Open the components panel
5. drag out a Button component

Actual Results:

Expected Results:
just get a button on stage

Using the non-debug build of StagePlayer.swf does not have this problem, so this only impacts development and debugging. But could be a larger problem, which is why i'm reporting it!
Transferred Comments:

dlollar - Fri Jun 27 11:32:19 CDT 2008
Originally from Player bug 232733, related to MIR.
Player bug notes:
[jkamerer 6/25/08] Entered Bug. Disclaimer: this crash is totally obscure! Since it only happens with a debug StagePlayer.swf, it does not affect real builds of Diesel. But filing the bug for investigation in case this is a symptom of a bigger problem, that sort of thing. So please have someone investigate!
[jkamerer 6/25/08] More info for the debugging of this. I think you need to have a debug build of authoring to successfully debug authplay.dll inside of it; i could be wrong about that. But if you need that i put a win debug build at \\\Users_J\jkamerer\Public\winDbg. I was seeing really garbage stack traces, but then i put a break point in avmplus::AvmDebugMsg and I got it to stop, and then when i step through it crashes by the time i get to the end of this function. The message being passed in was:

Assertion failed: "(((target.ins->code&~MIR_float) == MIR_def))" ("..\\..\\codegen\\CodegenMIR.cpp":2679)
[tedcasey 6/26/08] --> QRB.
[edwong 6/26/08] David - please log this in Jira. Could be an issue with recent MIR changes.
[edwong 6/26/08] jira AVM  

dlollar - Fri Jun 27 11:57:16 CDT 2008
Need to close this bug -- it should be in Bugzilla, not Jira.

dlollar - Fri Jun 27 11:58:07 CDT 2008
for VM issues, should go into Bugzilla, not Jira. Closing.

Comment 1

10 years ago
More comments on bug from Jeff K.:
I don't know of any simpler repro case.  I understand it is pretty ugly!
If someone needs help debugging, they can contact me.  I could even
arrange for them to remote to my machine, as that might be easier than
getting a set up to debug authplay themselves.

The bug is not necessarily critical for FP10, but i would really like
someone to investigate it at least.  This problem was an injection at
some point during the FP10 release, and i'm concerned that there may be
a simpler way to cause it to crash that would effect other players and
not just authplay.  We can all agree that player crashes are very, very,
very bad!  But if it seems like a very narrow problem only crashing in
this specific use case, then we definitely do not need a fix for FP10.
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Summary: flash authoring crash with debug StagePlayer.swf → Assertion failed: "(((target.ins->code&~MIR_float) == MIR_def)) (was: flash authoring crash with debug StagePlayer.swf)


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Comment 2

10 years ago
is this still reproducable?  if so, what Tamarin branch?

Comment 3

10 years ago
From Jeff K:
this is not happening anymore. which is good, because it made debugging the stageplayer.swf for authoring very difficult.
So it may have been fixed by an avm change, or it may have been fixed by changes to the stageplayer.swf code that inadvertently worked around the bug.  Unfortunately it is difficult to tell for certain which it was. I was thinking for a moment i could roll the authoring code back, but that older version wouldn’t be compatible with the authplay APIs of a newer player, so can’t really do that.
So i guess let’s just call it fixed and hope it really IS fixed.
Last Resolved: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME


10 years ago
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