When using "View" -> "Sort by" -> "Grouped by Sort G", sorted on "Date" and "View" -> "Threads" -> "Unread" new mail does not display correctly



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When the following view options are used

"View" -> "Sort by" -> "Date"
"View" -> "Sort by" -> "Grouped by Sort G"
"View" -> "Threads" -> "Unread"

New mails do not appear correctly in the mailbox view.
However if you view another mailbox the mails will appear correctlty when you return. 

After removing "View" -> "Threads" -> "Unread" new mails do appear correctly.

Using IMAP4 - don't know if POP is differnt

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Apply the following settings
"View" -> "Sort by" -> "Date"
"View" -> "Sort by" -> "Grouped by Sort G"
"View" -> "Threads" -> "Unread"
2. Look at the inbox window
3. Get somebody else to send you a mail
4. check mail ...

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11 years ago
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Grouped by Date and Filtered to Unread - then new mail arrives

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11 years ago
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The more new mail

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11 years ago
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After switching folders - the mail appears correctly
Thunderbird 2 doesn't always group new messages correctly iirc.  This is probably fixed in thunderbird 3.  If it is, you can close this bug worksforme or find the fixing bug. It may have assignee=bienvenu

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10 years ago
This issue exists in the Shredder nightlies as well; though my "View" -> "Threads"  setting in the menus is set to "All" instead of "Unread".

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10 years ago
I have a similar issue where if I select group sort for a pop box, the contents of that box disappears and I have to rebuild the index to get the emails back. IMAP inboxes are fine.

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Revert from wrong changes
Component: Networking: IMAP → Mail Window Front End
Product: MailNews Core → Thunderbird
QA Contact: networking.imap → front-end
Guy doesn't reply and reporter has stopped using tbird
Last Resolved: 7 years ago
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