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Update zh-TW Yahoo! Search URL and Favicon


(Mozilla Localizations :: zh-TW / Chinese (Traditional), defect)

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(Reporter: jmi, Assigned: timdream)


(Keywords: fixed1.9.0.2)


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Yahoo! Taiwan recently updated their search link and some icons. They want us to update them in our zh-TW (traditional Chinese) version Firefox 3.0. Can we do this in our coming version 3.0.1? 

(1) Yahoo! search link in search box FF3 need to be updated to -*{keyword}

(2) Correct icon in search box FF3 for Yahoo! Knowledge search(知識+)

(3) Correct icon in search box FF3 for Yahoo! Auction search(拍賣)
3.0.1 is going to be shipping very shortly, so it's too late to change it there. Should be able to get it into 3.0.2 though.
Assignee: nobody → josesun
Component: Search → zh-TW
Product: Firefox → Mozilla Localizations
QA Contact: search → josesun
Version: 3.0 Branch → unspecified
Flags: blocking1.9.0.2?
Sob, why does everybody think that redirecting users around the world is a good idea? And we'd been tracking twice? There are similar discussions like this internally, I'll see if there's knowledge to carry over.

I don't see us blocking 3.0.2 on this, btw.
Yeah, can we have those on 3.0.2?
Thank you very much.
I'll create patched files for these changes.

By the way, what should I do to make Bugzilla assign all newly-created zh-TW component bugs to me?
Assignee: josesun → timdream
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Patch for Yahoo search plugins

r,a=me, please land this with a check-in comment referencing this bug and my review/approval. Something like "bug 445093, change yahoo search engine icons and urls," would do.

Make sure to land this on both CVS and mercurial.

Regarding the bug assigning, the common habit is to assign bugs to one self as soon as you start to actually work on it. I have set your bugzilla privs so that you can actually do that, use the new power carefully, please.
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Attachment #330177 - Flags: review+
Attachment #330177 - Flags: approval1.9.0.2+
Not blocking per comment 2, but the patch has already been approved and needs to land.
Flags: blocking1.9.0.2? → blocking1.9.0.2-
(In reply to comment #7)
> Not blocking per comment 2, but the patch has already been approved and needs
> to land.

I'll do that this weekend, I promise :(
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