MXR integration with bonsai seems to be nonexistent (link to CVS blame from mozilla-central MXR results)



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The current (highly suboptimal) workflow I end up using for revision history archeology is:

1)  Start with the file in MXR.
2)  Go to HG blame
3)  Usually discover that the code predates the switch to hg
4)  Search for the file in LXR.
5)  Go to CVS blame.
6)  Start digging for the relevant revision

Since we're planning to remove LXR within a week, it would be nice if there were a sane way to get to CVS blame from either MXR or hgweb (as I recall, the latter is what the original plan was, way back when).

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11 years ago
you should be able to use mxr to switch trees to another branch (mozilla, seamonkey, etc) - either changing the url or using the view using tree drop down.

note that /if/ CVS files are also in the repo, mxr could have shown both the bonsai and the hg links. Sadly, I think I've even removed all of my demos of that.

I see CVS blame just fine... This sounds WFM to me. Can you give some specific URLs you are seeing problems? Remember that mozilla-central is Hg while firefox and some other mxr trees are CVS-based, so they will obviously show different things.
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Ah, indeed.  The cvs-based repos do show CVS links.  It would be nice to have all the stuff in one place so I can eliminate the silly step 4 above, but I guess the new setup with searching in a different MXR tree is no worse than the setup with searching MXR and then LXR.

I'd like to keep this bug open for not having to do that extra thing, though: I want to just be able to go back in the revision history without having to load another copy of the source, especially given how slow the source display in MXR is.

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11 years ago
Ted has a work in progress where we can walk backwards from revision 1 of mozilla-central into CVS blame... and I'm pretty sure linking to CVS log/blame from the mecurial templates would be pretty simple.
Yeah, I need to revive that little project after I finish a few other things, but it's something I intend to do.

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11 years ago
the alternative would be to change how the mozilla-central "pull" works for mxr.

it could do a checkout from cvs, a checkout from hg, and then copy over all the CVS/ directories into the hg space....

the thing is that MXR itself is flexible, it isn't tied to the quirks of mozilla. And certainly not *this* quirk.

I'll see about writing a sample checkout script that does what i'm suggesting... since the CVS/ stuff would only need to happen once, i think it wouldn't be too expensive.

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11 years ago
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draft so i don't lose it

i'm going to try to integrate something like this into (for mozilla-central, and conditional on the lack of CVS/ and the presence of firefox|seamonkey). no eta guaranteed. reed or someone could just do this as a one off if they prefer.
Summary: MXR integration with bonsai seems to be nonexistent → MXR integration with bonsai seems to be nonexistent (link to CVS blame from mozilla-central MXR results)


11 years ago
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11 years ago
so, for reference, this is staged on mxr-test:

there are links to both. i think finalizing this thing is probably my next item.
timeless: did this happen?

Looks like this can be closed, given mxr is retired. Please reopen and update in case not.
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