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Generally don't expose text attributes when they use the default value


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Many attributes have a default value. After speaking with AT vendors I found that they preferred to get text attributes when they really signify something. Currently we will expose the same attribute over and over, even though it's equal to the normal value. For example, there is not really much sense in exposing "font-style: normal" on every single node.

I believe we currently do allow ourselves to repeat attributes on descendant accessibles where the value did not change. However, if the value is equal to the default for that attribute, we can skip it.
Talking in terms of Gecko API then you mean getDefaultTextAttributes method, right? So, Aaron, what is default value?
No. getDefaultTextAttributes() describes the attributes that apply to the entire node.

I'm talking about default attribute *values*. For many attributes in the tables at, there is a default value. We never need to expose a text attribute (or even the defaultTextAttributes) when the value is equal to the default value for that attribute.

In other words, we should never have to see font-style = normal or writing-mode = lr, etc. anywhere.
Alexander is this likely to be a wont fix?
Whiteboard: [bk1]
(In reply to David Bolter [:davidb] from comment #3)
> Alexander is this likely to be a wont fix?

doesn't sound so, depends what AT and specs wants.
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