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10 years ago
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10 years ago
We should add a pref that indicates that submitted crash reports should be auto-priority. The server-side would give these reports priority by default. This would be for developers/testers who know they want to see their reports.

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10 years ago
don't make it a pref. let people register email addresses on the server as auto priority. then people submitting reports w/ those email addresses get auto priority.

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10 years ago
That's much more of a pain in the ass. Also, we're considering getting rid of email collecting.

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10 years ago
anything client side will be abused eventually and become useless.
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> anything client side will be abused eventually and become useless.

Not if we don't advertise it. For 99% of users, they won't know it even exists and that's good enough for me.

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10 years ago
Yeah, I don't think it's that big a deal. We were handling 100% of crash reports through the beta period of Firefox 3 without any problems, so even if a few million people turn this on, we should be fine.
Do you guys know what this flag will be named?

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10 years ago
I haven't touched anything yet, so pick a name!
This would require some changes to the way that priority jobs are handled.  Currently, identification of priority jobs is handled through the WebApp talking to the database.  The monitor sees these requests and queues the jobs appropriately.  To keep the collector database free, we'd have to devise another channel of communication with the monitor for identification of priority jobs - likely via the file system.  The latest version of monitor is much more modular in the way that it handles priority jobs.  Adding this secondary communication channel would not be particularly disruptive.

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9 years ago
Y'know, the current system seems to be working pretty well.
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