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Disable official branding on Thunderbird l10n tinderboxes.


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Now we have unofficial branding working correctly on Thunderbird en-US nightlies, we should do the same on the l10n nightly builds (FF already ships as unofficial).

Attaching patch, not really sure who to get review from, so I'll check Alex is happy with this - basically I'm just porting the tinderbox bits I did in bug 397621/bug 443398 to the l10n branch in cvs.
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The fix

Sorry, I know jack about the interactions and back and forth of tinderbox configs, so I'm not a good reviewer for this.

I don't have a good replacement suggestion for this, either. Nick, Ben, Coop, any of those?
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Current l10n tinderbox builds are broken due to missing branding files (ab-CD.jar!/locale/branding/*).

There will be only yellow error window:
XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
Location: chrome://messenger/content/messenger.xul
Line Number 18, Column 1:

(3.0a2pre, 2008071703, )
PS: if my analysis is right, this could be worked around by explicitly setting the branding to nightly.
I've just checked this in to trunk to fix the locale packaging problem. If it works, I'll get a review afterwards - my builds indicate that it will.

The problem here is that I decided to start putting the branding items into mail/branding/nightly, we can't just do --with-branding=mail/branding/nightly as that would mess up the windows installer packaging and a few other branding related items.

For the time being, in mail/locales/ I've just specified the appropriate directory if MOZ_BRANDING_DIRECTORY is not defined.

Once we move to hg, I'll fix bug 443351 which will centralise all these unofficial branding items into one directory, and allow us to set MOZ_BRANDING_DIRECTORY permanently - hence cleaning up what we're doing in mail/locales/ and elsewhere.
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Fix locale packaging

This appears to work, I did a random sample of the hour builds (one on each platform) and they start with no problems for the branding.

Requesting review now it seems to work, please see comment 5 for the reasoning behind this patch.
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> (From update of attachment 330198 [details] [diff] [review])
> This appears to work, I did a random sample of the hour builds (one on each
> platform) and they start with no problems for the branding.

Yes, this fixes the problem.
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Fix locale packaging

oops, didn't see this request go by...
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All reviews obtained, this is all checked in and I've heard about no further problems, so closing as fixed now.
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