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expose some osso context functionality


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we need to expose the osso_context returned after a successful call to osso_initialize() so that other parts of mozilla can make use of other libosso functions.

the initial customer of this will be the idle service which, on desktop linux, uses the x screen saver (xss).  The xss doesn't ship with osso devices, so we can't depend on it for figuring out idle time.  libosso does provide a hook to discover idle time however, needs the osso_context.  There is no global osso_context or function that gives you the right context. Hence, we need to expose it somehow.  (see bug 445267 for the idle service details.).
hmm.  i am thinking we shouldn't expose the context unless we have to.  For now, lets just catch and broadcast the events that are related to the osso_context (OOM, idle, and shutdown)
Summary: expose osso context → expose some osso context functionality
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patch v.1

stuart mentioned i should change ns_literal_string for L""
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detects hw changes and forward the appropriate notification.
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patch v.2

wrong patch.
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patch v.2


should be L"low-memory"

why must state and ourState both be memory_low_ind in order to fire the memory pressure notification?  add some comments
using L"" results in:

/home/dougt/builds/mozilla/src/toolkit/xre/nsNativeAppSupportUnix.cpp:234: error: no matching function for call to 'nsDerivedSafe<nsIObserverService>::NotifyObservers(int, const char [16], const wchar_t [11])'

I could cast it away, but not sure of the harm of using the literal string class.
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