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Add button to restore default root certificates




Security: PSM
9 years ago
9 months ago


(Reporter: Jo Hermans, Unassigned)


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9 years ago
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In the dialog box at Tools->Options->Advanced->Encryption->View Certificates->Authorities, there's no way to restore the default set of certificate authorities, when you have been adding or deleting CA's. You can see a bit which ones can be safely removed (the ones marked 'Software Security Device' where added manually or automatically when they're part of a chain), but you can't see which root CA was added (I noticed that the one from cacert.org was marked as 'Built in' !). And if you deleted some CA (which was a bit of a surprise when I first noticed it), you can't restore it.

Can we add a 'Restore Defaults' button ? I guess that would re-install the default cert8.db and secmoc.db database files.

Note that I'm only talking about the Authorities tab - the exceptions that you added manually (server tab) or the special certificates on the People tab should not be deleted.

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8 years ago
I know that you can always delete the cert8.db file (I'm doing it often enough for bug 505029), but I was just looking for an easier way to do it in the browser itself.


9 months ago
Component: Security → Security: PSM
Priority: -- → P5
Product: Firefox → Core
Summary: button to restore default certificates → Add button to restore default root certificates
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