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Build Identifier: prism-0.9.en-US.mac

I downloaded the file "prism-0.9.en-US.mac.dmg" from the prism website and when I tried to run it I received the error 'You cannot open the application "Prism" because it is not supported on this system'. When I tried running it from the command line I received the error 'zsh: exec format error: /Volumes/Prism/'. I then tried the command 'file /Volumes/Prism/', the output of that command was '/Volumes/Prism/ Mach-O executable i386'. This explained why I couldn't run Prism on my computer. My computer is a 12" powerbook running Tiger. Would you folks please release a universal binary? I would like to use prism but I don't have the money to buy an intel mac.

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11 years ago
Currently Prism is Intel-only but this is a worthwhile enhancement that we are planning to implement.
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Summary: the version of prism contained in "prism-0.9.en-US.mac.dmg" is not a universal binary → Create universal binary version of Prism


11 years ago
Duplicate of this bug: 412048

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10 years ago
I'm against making this blocking for 1.0, particularly since I'm not planning to work on it. Also it will make our OS X binaries significantly large (approximately 2x). PowerPC Macs are on the way out. Mark, what do you think?
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Agreed for now. Not blocking
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10 years ago
I'm sorry, but it's not the way I see the Prism technology.
I'm working in a medium company : about 200 Mac, and we mainly do office work.  We didn't go to intel for everybody, as most of the people are doing word, excel, and mail. We don't need computers full of power, but we need light applications. That's why I need prism for : to make light applications, easy to distribute and to maintain (an update of the html and php files, and everybody is up to date). I could go with Firefox or Safari, but I don't necessary want people to have the Internet and the simple use of prism (for the user) keep me happy.
So, I don't get the point where you want prism to go if you keep medium configurations away from it. I'm sure you didn't create prism only for geeks, but you expected it to be used by company too !

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10 years ago
This is simply a matter of priorities. We want to support PowerPC but there is a whole list of other things we want to do as well. Of course, if someone wants to step up and add support for PowerPC to our build system we would certainly make it available. Otherwise we will monitor demand and adjust priorities accordingly.
Prism isn't maintained anymore. Mass closing of the bugs.
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