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I'm used to doing a "what did I check in between last Monday and this Monday" queries so I don't forget things to mention in my weekly status reports, but I just realized I can't do that for hg yet.
It would be nice if I could query pushlog for this.
This is a deficiency in hgweb, right ? Ted, know of any way to fix/work around this ? Do we have a more appropriate component for this ?
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It needs to be added to the pushlog code. We don't have a component for that yet. :-(
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Why do you want this on pushlog? You can already search hgweb (using the search box) for your username to see all the commits with your username. If you do this via pushlog, you have to go through pushes containing your commits, then extract the commits from the pushes again. That doesn't seem to make much sense.

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11 years ago
I want to get a list of everything I actually checked in (i.e. pushed) in a certain timeframe. And yes, I thinking about hgweb there, i.e. pushloghtml.
djc: the web tool we used to query CVS history looked like this:

I think people would like to be able to do queries using a combination of fields, like "things I committed to the toolkit/ directory and pushed in the past week".

This will let you use ? (and you can add more than one, ? It works interoperably with other query parameters like startdate, enddate, fromchange, tochange.

We'll get this rolled out soon, I have other changes lined up as well.
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