Default patch level should be intelligently selected based on tree source



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10 years ago
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10 years ago
When uploading a mercurial patch, you almost always need to use -p1. A little bit of Javascript to set the patch level to -p1 when you are uploading an Hg patch would be really handy - avoids the simple case of "Oh crap, I just wasted 15 minutes waiting for a build that is going to fail immediately."
Priority: -- → P3
No time to do this right now, patches accepted though.
Target Milestone: --- → Future
I just filed bug 463865 before noticing this bug here - but in that one, I suggested that we just change the global default, since an Hg patch is now the most common way of doing things.  And I did attach a patch.

What do you think, dupe this one to that, or do we actually prefer to only do it conditionally?
Out of band conversations with Joe suggests he does want this bug to persist, so I'm updating the summary to reflect the distinction.  It's not about -p1 for mercurial, it's about "do the right thing, based on the radio button selection"
Summary: patch level should be -p1 when doing a mercurial patch → Default patch level should be intelligently selected based on tree source
Component: Try Server → Release Engineering
Product: Webtools →
QA Contact: try-server → release
Target Milestone: Future → ---
Version: Trunk → other

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9 years ago
Futuring; if this is no longer an issue please resolve.
Component: Release Engineering → Release Engineering: Future

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8 years ago
Mass move of bugs from Release Engineering:Future -> Release Engineering. See for more details.
Component: Release Engineering: Future → Release Engineering
The default these days is 1, which is correct for hg. We're basically done with CVS so this is WONTFIX now IMHO.
Last Resolved: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX


5 years ago
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