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11 years ago
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11 years ago
QMO is currently using Drupal v5.7. The latest version on the 5.x branch is v5.8. There's also a 6.x branch that would be good to swap to, too.

Need to get QMO upgraded so security patching isn't a pain.
Additional security issues in Drupal announced today, including remotely-exploitable stuff.  Sooner this happens the better.
Severity: major → critical
upgraded to 5.11 in r18950

QMO2 be released soon, which is drupal 6.x.
(In reply to comment #2)
> upgraded to 5.11 in r18950
upgraded trunk I meant
jay, is there a stage site for QMO1?  Can you test the upgrade out and give the green light to push to production?

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10 years ago
alex: unfortunately, i don't think we have a staged site for qmo1.  i say just patch svn and push it live.  if that's not smart or against policy, how hard is it to setup an authstage of the trunk code?

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10 years ago
alex: if you want to patch qmo2 on the branch also, i can test it when we go live with that tomorrow on quality.authstage.mozilla.com.

if we do put qmo1 on a staging server, we should probably just use qmo1.authstage.mozilla.com... but that site is going away in a couple of weeks so might not be worth the effort.

tagged for production in r18953

I will patch qmo2 next.

IT, will you push tags/production and run update.php please?
Assignee: nobody → server-ops
Component: quality.mozilla.org → Server Operations: Web Content Push
Product: Websites → mozilla.org
QA Contact: quality-mozilla-org → mrz
Version: unspecified → other
Assignee: server-ops → justdave
http://quality-drupal.stage.mozilla.com/ seems to exist.

The content of it doesn't seem to be under any kind of revision control as far as I can tell though.
[root@dm-qmo01 quality.mozilla.org]# svn up -r18953
Restored 'files/css/35e39a17662f5dd190803a4a0424db2c.css'
Restored 'files/css/48920a82a2495a0ec4ea3073f093cade.css'
U    themes/engines/phptemplate/phptemplate.engine
U    misc/drupal.js
U    install.php
U    includes/database.mysql.inc
U    includes/bootstrap.inc
U    includes/file.inc
U    includes/database.mysqli.inc
U    includes/xmlrpcs.inc
U    includes/common.inc
U    includes/database.pgsql.inc
U    includes/theme.inc
U    includes/form.inc
U    includes/cache.inc
U    includes/menu.inc
U    includes/xmlrpc.inc
U    includes/install.inc
U    modules/aggregator/aggregator.module
U    modules/aggregator/aggregator.info
U    modules/blog/blog.module
U    modules/blog/blog.info
U    modules/upload/upload.module
U    modules/upload/upload.info
U    modules/system/system.module
U    modules/system/system.install
U    modules/system/system.info
U    modules/filter/filter.info
U    modules/filter/filter.module
U    modules/node/node.info
U    modules/node/content_types.inc
U    modules/node/node.module
U    modules/drupal/drupal.info
U    modules/forum/forum.info
U    modules/forum/forum.module
U    modules/forum/forum.install
U    modules/help/help.info
U    modules/statistics/statistics.info
U    modules/block/block.info
U    modules/block/block.module
U    modules/book/book.info
U    modules/tracker/tracker.info
U    modules/contact/contact.module
U    modules/contact/contact.info
U    modules/path/path.module
U    modules/path/path.info
U    modules/ping/ping.info
U    modules/locale/locale.module
U    modules/locale/locale.info
U    modules/profile/profile.module
U    modules/profile/profile.info
U    modules/watchdog/watchdog.info
U    modules/comment/comment.info
U    modules/menu/menu.info
U    modules/legacy/legacy.info
U    modules/search/search.info
U    modules/search/search.module
U    modules/throttle/throttle.info
U    modules/poll/poll.info
U    modules/poll/poll.module
U    modules/blogapi/blogapi.module
A    modules/blogapi/blogapi.install
U    modules/blogapi/blogapi.info
U    modules/color/color.module
U    modules/color/color.info
U    modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module
U    modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.info
U    modules/user/user.module
U    modules/user/user.info
Updated to revision 18953.

update.php said no database changes needed.
Last Resolved: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
patched brances/qmo2  to drupal 6.5

Component: Server Operations: Web Operations → WebOps: Other
Product: mozilla.org → Infrastructure & Operations
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