Frequent lockups / hangs of Windows XP after 'actions' in firefox 3.0




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At irregular times, immediately after causing Firefox to take an action (via a link in gmail, or clicking 'never for this site' after entering HTTP authentication), the entire computer will lock up / hang, requiring a manual powercycle of the computer.

Reproducible: Sometimes

Steps to Reproduce:

Unfortunately, about:crashes does not have any information, so I'm unable to provide any kind of traces.  This behavior never occured with Firefox 2.x, as I had uptimes of weeks.  Since starting with Firefox 3.x, I inevitably get a lock up in Firefox in under a week of using it.

The above listed triggers (clicking on a link in gmail, and clicking 'never for this site' after http authentication) are merely the last few that I can recall.  Now that I have a bug filed I will be more diligent about remembering exactly what it was that caused the lockup.
Firefox can not freeze the whole OS (unless you use windows 95,98,ME) because it doesn't contain a kernel mode driver.
It can make the system very slow if Firefox allocates all the memory but the taskmanager should come up after some time (minutes).

If you really get a hard freeze (mouse pointer doesn't move) then it's a clear system or driver bug and it doesn't matter if you get this only with Firefox and only with one Firefox version, it's stilll a system bug.
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11 years ago
Just had another freeze with firefox 3 after clicking on a link in a webpage.  Is there any kind of dump or crash log I can enable in firefox that will allow to me have some idea of what the problem might be?

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11 years ago
And, (forgot to specify) that I went back to the link right after I restarted and it worked fine.
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