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Automate litmus test Testcase ID #5300 - Select All - context-menu item and shortcuts


(Toolkit :: Downloads API, defect)

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Proposed type of test: chrome

Proposed location of test: toolkit/mozapps/downloads/tests/chrome
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I have edited the existing test_select_all.xul by edward for this litmus test.  Test select all tests "accelKey-a", but not "Select All" from the context menu.

"Select All" is now covered by this test.

The test passes.
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Product: Firefox → Toolkit
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> /**
>  * Test bug 429614 to make sure ctrl/cmd-a work to select all downloads and
>  * hitting delete removes them all.
>+ * Apart from this, it also tests bug 447607, which checks that clicking
>+ * on "Select All" from the context menu of the download, selects all
>+ * downloads in the dm list.
no need to list the bug number

>+      function popupListener() {
>+        let menuitem = popup.childNodes;
>+        for(let i = 0; i < menuitem.length; i++) {
>+          if(menuitem[i].label == "Select All")
>+            menuitem[i].doCommand();
>+        }
test on the command attribute please - not the string label

>+        is(downloadView.selectedCount, sites.length, "All downloads selected on clicking " +
>+           "Select All from the download context menu");
line wrapping at 80 characters please (start the string on a new line)

You don't actually clear the selection from doing accel + a, so the test could fail and we'd never know it.

I would actually change the order in which you do these too.  Do the context menu first, then do the old test.
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