Firefox using Thunderbird's xpcom_core.dll




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Firefox using Thunderbird's xpcom_core.dll

There are actually a few things going on here that are wrong (see bug 448153 for the Tbird installer part).

Thunderbird found an update and tried to update.  The update failed because it couldn't update a file (vague error).  It then restarted the update process and failed again.  This is a seemingly endless loop of failure.

I killed the process and decided to download the Thunderbird installer and just reinstall.  Thunderbird installer failed because it couldn't write to xpcom_core.dll.  Thunderbird isn't running.

When using unlocker to see what was holding that file, to my surprise it was Firefox 3.  Evidence of that to be attached to this bug.

This bug is for the Firefox using Thunderbird's dll.  This shouldn't be the case.

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6 years ago
@rs would you expect this couldl still happen?
I wouldn't expect it to happen in the first place and the only instance of this happening that I have ever ran across was with the nss dll's so I can't really say one way or the other.
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