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Not sure if this is a Bug...

For years now I've been using the user.pref general.useragent.override("Mozilla Thunderbird") instead of the regular useragent (which was/is used in mails headers). Thunderbirds about dialog told me nevertheless the correct complete useragent string. Now, after landing the patch for Bug 426046, the about dialog shows only the string "Mozilla Thunderbird" from the above pref instead of the complete useragent.


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According to

general.useragent.override is "A complete User-Agent string to use in place of the default.". In the about dialog, we are now displaying the User-Agent string that Thunderbird is using when talking over http (e.g. remote images and feeds). If, for example, you install lightning, then you will get an additional part on the end of the user-agent string that says something like "lightning/version". This is intentional behaviour so that if a user files a bug, we know as much as possible about the version of Thunderbird they are using.

Thunderbird also uses general.useragent.override in place of its reduced UA sent in messages, again expecting a valid UA.

So I think this is invalid because the application is doing what you told it to.
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> So I think this is invalid because the application is doing what you told it
> to.

So do I, and for the same reasons. Also, if you use general.useragent.override in Firefox or SeaMonkey, the about dialog (if any) and the about: page will display what you set.

If you want to know the compiled-in UA string, just "reset" any general.useragent.* preferences to their defaults.
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