Preferences/Join Channel dialog boxes don't remember window size

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(Reporter: Brian J, Assigned: Robert Ginda)


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9 years ago
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The preferences, Join Channel etc. dialog boxes should remember the size they are set to by the user. This would allow all of the content to be viewed as desired.

When I first started learning to use Chatzilla, (my first irc client) there were
settings that I did not know were there because I had not resized the dialog box. They are set to open too small to be practical

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
Actual Results:  
dialog boxes open too small to view all content

Expected Results:  
Size of dialog box be remembered after resizing them

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Brian: Could you attach a screenshot of your dialog boxes right after they've been opened? They were fine on my windows system (I don't have access to it anymore). If they don't look at least reasonable by default, I would want to change that rather than remembering the sizes, I suppose...

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9 years ago
Updating the summary to better match the description in comment #0. I'm assuming the issue here for the preference window is the scorlling inside tabs, but I can't think what the issue is with the join dialog.

I'm strongly against *dialogs* remembering size/position; instead, they should appear at a sensible location and with a reasonable size automatically.
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Summary: Preferences, Join Channel dialog boxes remembering window size set by user → Preferences/Join Channel dialog boxes don't remember window size
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