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[jsd] Change jsdIFilter and jsdIScript to work off 'window' rather than 'url'


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The current jsdIDebugggerService infrastructure works off of URLs (filename). This is the right API for the user interface, eg Firebug, which needs to express actions in the way that users will (eg by URL). But its the wrong interface for jsdIDebuggerService because multiple windows can have the same URL. One operation Firebug has to do a lot is map the URL into the window (and Firebug's state object for the window called 'context') because the state is what the script/error/net data will be used with. If the mapping fails, then the debugger fails. 

This would be a pervasive change, so we need to go at this a bit at a time. To start I propose we add window refs to jsdIScript (and nsIConsoleMessage but that's another bug) and jsdIFilter.  This will probably have to be done with derived interfaces, jsdIScript2 and jsdIFilter2.
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John, jsdIFilter has  'globalObject' property which is intended to filter by 'window' object.
Thanks, I missed that, I've never used jsdIFilter. I don't really get how jsdIFilter works, it seems like you have to know the line range of the target. I guess you just these to 1 and maximum integer value.

While having the window on jsdIScript would be handy, knowing that its on jsdIFilter plus fixes 449454 and 449458 would make the proposal in this bug report low priority.
for now to simplify my life, i'm going to resolve this as wontfix. if you already have access to what you need, then i don't see any reason to pollute another interface w/ another way of reaching it.
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