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Detach <VIDEO> from the web page


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Many times when watch a video we want to do something else also on a page which in effect navigate away from the page with video. Which in effect stops the video 

(Just lucky, unlike YouTube flash video player, firefox implementation video tag allow to continue the video if we press back button ) 

It would have been nice if user could detach the VIDEO from the page first and continue navigating.

So please provide 
1. a UI control for that feature
2. an about:config item to AutoDetach a video when ever user move away from page while the video is still playing.


No longer blocks: 448909
Your UI mockup doesn't tell us a few things.  Is that supposed to be a new window for the video?  If it is a new window what controls should the window have? (title bar? close, minimize, expand?)  Should the video controls be the same for this or should they be changed making it more like a movie player (VLC, MPC, etc.)? How would it fit into the window... centered? scale? scale with fixed ratio?  Should this window have an "always on top" option like with VLC or most movie players.  Should have option for doing it in tab?  All detached videos go to one tab (similar to an Opera-like downloads manager as a tab)?  Where and how would we include the detach option in the UI? (add a setting menu with detach button? right click context menu?)  

I think this _could_ be an interesting idea but I'd want to hear more.  My first thought is that since with <video> it should be easier to download the files it's better to just include an option to have it automatically download and open which will allow you to use VLC, MPC, or whatever your video player is to watch your video.  It probably won't be that difficult for Firefox to implement a quick and shoddy version of this but I think making this really nice would take quite a bit of effort... because, a video on a webpage with other content needs different controls than a video in its own window which is essentially acting like a media player.  What is your argument for why it's better to not just open in an external player set by user's MIME types rather than detach and give Firefox the extra work?

I also find the about:config idea and think an about:config parameter to pop up a warning dialog if navigating away from a playing video could be useful.  It should have the options of "continue", "stop" and "open in external player" under my idea or "detach" as per your idea.
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This seems like something that should be implemented in an extension.  The code used to implement fullscreen video (bug 453063), plus the support functionality added in bug 513144 should make this pretty easy to do.
1. Youtube have this so we should have.
2. since nearly a decade IE have this 
   when there is a WindowMedia element on the page

Other sites have this feature are 

One of the thing MzDevTeam leftout from bug 448909 was FullScreen mode.
Then we found from people how important it is.
I know fullScreen was important because I only know 2 people who watch video not in FullScreen mode, rest all my friends and co workers watch in FullScreen.

In that 2 people one is me and other is a co-worker who always watch video in pop-up. Ie, that was when my company allowed steaming contents, 
and now they dont. 

During the time when company allowed steaming contents, All those co-workes whom I saw listening internet radio, Did it in the Detached/Popup Window.
So do all my friends when they listening internet radio.

Also see the demo video of
it shows how people going to work in future. They will work on window at middle of the screen, while video is being played like a popup window on the side.

Hence my conclusion is we need this a part of Firefox and not as an extension. 

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> Your UI mockup doesn't tell us a few things. 
That I leave it for Dev discus and decide. 
And now in your comment above you have already put many good ideas.
FWIW, YouTube offers this via script in the page.  There's no reason a website can't do the same thing with <video>.
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> There's no reason a website
> can't do the same thing with <video>.

R V providing controls for users or website dev?
website dev could have give Fullscreen feature by telling to use F11 and watching
But we opt-to provide it as built-in when users started asking for it.
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Popping out the video to another window to allow navigation to other pages would be better handled via an extension.
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