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Remove obsolete rendering hints


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A whole lot of the rendering hints in nsIRenderingContext.h are never used, or always true, or always false, so can be removed.
Depends on: 446675, 447693
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As it turns out, none of the rendering hints are used any more, so I got rid of GetHints() altogether.

If we don't care about breaking BeOS and photon, this can go in as is. Otherwise I either have to wait for them to be removed in the blocking bugs, or patch nsRenderingContextBeOS and nsRenderingContextPh as well.
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Just land this.

All the FindSafeLength stuff can be removed too... separate patch.
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BeOS gfx should be removed (it's using thebes whe nit's built), and photon is being removed in bug 447693.  So this should be good to go.
Pushed to mozilla-central.
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(In reply to comment #2)
> All the FindSafeLength stuff can be removed too... separate patch.

Taking that to its logical conclusion would mean removing all the GetWidth, DrawString, GetTextDimensions and GetBoundingMetrics methods from nsRenderingContextImpl and removing the "Internal" from the methods in nsThebesRendingContext. Is that what you meant, or am I going too far?
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