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[lv] Migrate CVS over to hg


(Mozilla Localizations :: lv / Latvian, defect)

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(Reporter: Pike, Unassigned)



We'll need a good point to migrate the content in cvs for lv over to an hg repository beneath

Please follow up to this bug when you think you're ready, setting the status whiteboard to a timestamp you'd consider good.

Please don't land content in hg yourself before the initial migration is done, we want to make sure that the initial content in hg maps a cvs tag so that we can fix up hg annotate on the website to refer to cvs blame at one point.
Raivis, any updates? Can we help you somehow with this? What we need is a green light from you saying "ok, let's migrate". Given that we've just finished updating the Latvian CVS for 3.0.4, now might look like a good moment. What do you think?
"Ok, let's do so" Let's migrate :) added Latvian to the build, the initial landing is in

I triggered a build for Firefox 3.1, which you can see on, the l10n-merged builds show up on, the official builds get uploaded to The latter don't have l10n-merge (yet), so might not be stable until the dashboard reports green. But that has all three platforms.
Closed: 11 years ago
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