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We need a better conference mode


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I would like to see conference mode collapse the stuff it would hide into an expandable section.  Hover over it to expand it.  Each time some gets hidden, add an icon to the margin.  That would be what you would hover over.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
Valid enhancement request, confirming. I'm not sure everyone wants expandable sections in their window, but OK...
Ever confirmed: true
Additional Comments:
1. This could be implemented as an extension.
2. It could be done with something like a tool tip.  An icon would be present somewhere as the hot point.
Just thought I would make some mockups of what this might look like.
This latest mockup shows a bar that would be added to the right side of the main view.  It's inspired by the marks that the NetBeans IDE shows highlighting warnings and errors in your code.  Only with ChatZilla, those marks show joins, parts, quits, and nick changes--each with a different color.  The mark at the top isn't a summary like it is in NetBeans.  Rather, it would be an icon you could click on to see a summary of just one user if needed.  (That might be useful if you need to know how long it has been since one person was present.)
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