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Firefox 3.0.2 should use NSS 3.12.1


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Firefox 3.0.x should pick up an updated snapshot of NSS, because it wants to include new root CA certs.

The NSS team proposed to pick up NSS 3.12.1

We have tagged a release candidate and are ready to deliver it today.

We want to land it into both Firefox trunk and Firefox 3.0.x
As there is no longer a check-out script in mozilla-central, I'll attach the action that executes the import of the desired tag.

This is according to
Attachment #333805 - Flags: review?(rrelyea)
Attachment #333808 - Flags: review?(rrelyea)
Both attachments are equivalent and use NSS_3_12_1_RC1
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Patch for Firefox 3.0 branch (1.9.0)

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Action for mozilla-central

Attachment #333805 - Flags: review?(rrelyea) → review+
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Patch for Firefox 3.0 branch (1.9.0)

This update contains additional root certs that Frank Hecker would prefer to see in Firefox 3.0.2

This NSS update has landed on mozilla trunk Thursday evening.
Attachment #333808 - Flags: approval1.9.0.2?
Kai, what else does NSS 3.12.1 include beyond the additional root certs?
There have been many bugfixes.
You could run
$ cvs rdiff -u -r NSS_3_12_RC4 -r NSS_3_12_1_RC1 mozilla/dbm mozilla/security/dbm mozilla/security/coreconf mozilla/security/nss

This bonsai query should give the same set of changes:
I kind of think it's too late to take this for Firefox 3.0.2. Given that freeze is tonight (PDT), it will only have the weekend to bake before we start builds and there's a lot of changes that have gone in. But I'll defer to dveditz.
Hi sam,

The code in question includes several bug fixes that were requested by mozilla developers, including one crasher marked blocking (433594). NSS Drops are continuously built and tested nightly as well as reviewed. The NSS team also refused several patches to this drop because we did not feel comfortable giving them to Mozilla.

We personally do not want to break mozilla builds and would not present code that we don't have the upmost confidence in.

We're moving the code freeze out. I'll talk with Dan and see if we can get this in asap so we have a week and a half of baking time on 1.9.0.x.
Duplicate of this bug: 449899
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Patch for Firefox 3.0 branch (1.9.0)

Approved for Please land in CVS. a=ss

Kai, if you can get this landed asap, that'd help us a lot. We want as much baking as possible.
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Landed for 1.9.0

Checking in;
/cvsroot/mozilla/,v  <--
new revision: 1.383; previous revision: 1.382
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verified fixed using Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008090213 Firefox/3.0.2

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