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Bring back any archived .htaccess files


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So far I've noticed that at least one .htaccess file was archived and some redirects on the live site were lost with it.  Specifically a bug was filed to have point to the current docs on MDC.  This redirect was in place on but had to be recreated on  Is there an easy way to search for archived .htaccess files?  If I can get a list, I can copy those redirects over to the top-level .htaccess file.
I compared the archive site to the production site and found that the following .htaccess files had been deleted.  I've copied the redirects from these and posted them in this attachment.  Is there any reason not to add these 500+ redirects to the .htaccess file in the top-level directory?  Having one massive .htaccess file might not be ideal, but it seems better than this situation where we're inadvertently deleting redirects scattered around the site.  I'll commit these to the site soon if no one objects.  Also, going forward as we archive things we should watch out for .htaccess files and move the contents over after archiving things.

I just checked in this batch of redirects.  I'll leave this bug open though in case any other .htaccess files get removed during the rest of the archive process.
Closing as fixed.  AFAIK the contents of all archived .htaccess files have been brought back.  If we missed any or if any accidentally get archived going forward, feel free to reopen this.
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