System will not standby or hibernate after timeouts specified in Power Management



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I have control panel power management settings for system to standby after 30 minutes and hibernate after two hours. If Thunderbird is open with Lightning extension enabled, the system will never standby or hibernate (though settings to show screen saver, turn off screen, and turn off disks seem to work). If Thunderbird is not open, or if it is open but the Lightning extension is disabled, standby and hibernation occur as specified in power management.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open Power Management in Control Panel.
2. Make sure "Enable Hibernation" is checked on the "Hibernate" tab.
3. On the "Power Schemes" tab, set "System Standby" to "Never" and "System Hibernates" to "After 1 minute".
4. Click "OK" to accept the Power Management settings.
5. Start Thunderbird and make sure Lightning is enabled. 
6. Wait at least one minute.
7. Disable the Lightning extension in Thunderbird, and close and restart Thunderbird.
8. Wait at least one minute.
Actual Results:  
After step 6, system does not hibernate.
After step 8, system hibernates.

Expected Results:  
After step 6, system should hibernate.

I have not tested to see if this problem is present for Sunbird as well. I believe the problem is of long standing (several years). I have not tried adjusting any preferences in the user.js file, but I have probably adjusted some of the defaults in the Lightning tab of Thunderbird's preferences (such as default alarm time for events). I'm not using a webDAV server; I am only using the US Holidays calendar, plus my own calendar file, stored on the local drive in the calendar profile. Calendar refreshes are set for 30 minutes.


10 years ago
Version: unspecified → Lightning 0.8

Comment 1

10 years ago
David, do you have any remote calendars subscribed (e.g. ics files)? Lightning by default polls those every 30 minutes to get updates. This might be the cause.

Comment 2

10 years ago
Yes, I'm using the US Holidays at And I did think of that polling, but in the test case above, the inactivity timeout for hibernation is much shorter than the polling interval (1 minute versus 30). However, I can try unsubscribing to the remote calendar and seeing if that is a workaround.

Comment 3

10 years ago
My bad. I incorrectly pegged Lightning as the source of the trouble. After I disabled the extension and had to restart Thunderbird, the hibernation test worked because my mail accounts _had not yet been contacted_. I have them set not to be checked on Thunderbird startup but rather to wait until their normal timeouts (5 mins. for a LAN mail server, and 10 mins. for an Internet mail server). Before the first time the mail servers are checked, Windows hibernation seems to kick in as per its timeout settings. After the mail servers have been checked once however, whether due to normal timeouts, or because I have clicked the "Get/Check Mail" button right away manually, Windows hibernation does not every occur. I'm changing the product, component, and version fields of this bug. Apologies to the Calendar team!
Component: General → General
Product: Calendar → Thunderbird
Version: Lightning 0.8 → 2.0

Comment 4

10 years ago
I should also mention that I am using a general password, not saved, to enable saved-password entry for my two mail accounts. So the very first time the servers are checked, I get prompted for my general password.

So the steps to reproduce should be modified.

1. For each mail account, uncheck the "Check mail at startup" option under "Server Parameters". Set the number of minutes under "Check for new messages every __ minutes" to be larger than the timeout for Windows hibernation (say 5 or 10).
2. Exit Thunderbird and restart.
3. Set the Power Management settings as in initial comment above.
4. Wait for hibernation timeout period.
5. [Resume from hibernation.]
6. Click the "Check mail" button in Thunderbird.
7. Wait for hibernation timeout period.

After step 4, the system should hibernate as expected. After step 7, the system does not hibernate as expected.


10 years ago
QA Contact: general → general

Comment 5

10 years ago
David, can you try the latest after backing up your profile and report results?

Comment 6

10 years ago
Sorry for delay in responding. I tried version 3.0a3 (downloaded and installed on Wednesday 29 October) but I'm afraid the result is still the same. Without Shredder running, I modify my power settings to hibernate after one minute. I wait one minute, and the system hibernates. When it comes back up, I start Shredder, enter my password for my remote mail account (which it checks right away) and every ten minutes thereafter. Local email server is not checked at start up but is checked every five minutes. I wait two minutes but the system does not hibernate. Then I exit Shredder without doing anything else. The system hibernates after one minute, as specified.

I should also mention that I have been using French-localized versions. If it seems possible that this is relevant, I can check the English-language version of Shredder. Is anyone able to reproduce this problem? I'll try to remember to try my home laptop as well.

Comment 7

9 years ago
I believe I have discovered a key factor in this problem. I have been keeping my message store on a remote drive (in fact, my entire "My Documents" folder is pointed at a shared folder on another computer). When this server collapsed recently, I was forced to relocate my message store back to my own PC's hard drive (under the user profile folder, where it is usually created by default). Since that point, the computer has been able to hibernate even while Thunderbird is running. Perhaps there are built-in restrictions in Windows that keep it from hibernating when remote files are open? Or is this problem still specific to Thunderbird? It should be easy to determine the answer to that question.
Sure isn't related to TB (see for example ): more reason can be cause of this.

I close this issue as Invalid because not TB related. Feel free to reopen it if I'm wrong.
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