Toolbar buttons and address bar stop working after some use.




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Firefox was working fine.  After a couple weeks the following problems occurred:

1. Address bar mostly unresponsive.  I can still type in URLs and have them come up, but:
- Firefox doesn't bring up the autocomplete/history-searching dropdown as I type.
- Displayed URL doesn't update when I click on a URL or switch tabs.

2. Back/forward/refresh/stop buttons are always greyed out.  I can still right-click on the back/forward buttons to select a previous page to navigate to.


The first time I ran into this problem, I
1. Deleted
2. Deleted all the Firefox-related data in my home directory.
3. Reinstalled Firefox

The problem went away.  Then after about a week, it happened again.

(Not sure if step 2 was necessary.  This time, I'll try skipping step 2 and see what happens.)

[Firefox 3.0.1 on Mac OS X 10.4 (PowerPC)]

Reproducible: Sometimes

Comment 1

11 years ago
Ok, reinstalling had no effect (to be expected, I guess...).  To get things working again, I did:

  rm -r "~/Library/Application Support/Firefox"

This is kind of annoying because I lose my history and preferences.

Just to be clear: this problem comes up in the middle of a browsing session and then persists across restarts of Firefox.
Please try safe-mode to rule out buggy add-ons or try a new profile if this is not enough.

Comment 3

11 years ago
Ok, will try this the next time the problem comes up.  I probably should have made a copy of the profile folder before deleting it, huh?

If it's any help, my "Add-ons" panel currently shows:
- No extensions.
- One theme: "Default 3.0.1".
- Several plugins for Java, Flash, and QuickTime.

Comment 4

10 years ago
I tried "-safe-mode".  I checked all the checkboxes in the initial "Firefox Safe Mode" dialog box.  The problem persisted.

I then ran with "-profilemanager", created a profile, and launched the browser.  The problem was gone.  But if I quit the browser and started it again (using the newly-created profile), the problem reappeared.  

I then tried deleting stuff in the "~/Library/Application Support/Firefox" directory.  Deleting "Profiles" just causes Firefox to create a default profile the next time.  Again, the browser works fine but if I restart the problem reappears.  Deleting the "Crash Reports" directory didn't seem to have an effect.  But strangely, deleting the entire "~/Library/Application Support/Firefox" directory worked -- the next time I started Firefox it created a default profile and everything seems to work now.

Is there a debug log I can enable to see if Firefox is choking on something at startup?
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