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Suggested tree cleanup for gfx/


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gfx/ has some unnecessary depth.  The src/shared and src/thebes directories could be brought down to src/ now that thebes is the only rendering implementation in the tree.  Also, per discussion at the summit, public/ and src/ directories are to be collapsed into the parent.  As there are only a handful of files in gfx/idl I think it simpler to bring them up too.  Thus, the proposed renames are:

cd gfx
hg mv src/psshared postscript
hg mv postscript/psshared.pkg postscript/postscript.pkg
hg mv public/*.h .
hg mv idl/*.idl idl/*.pl .
hg mv src/*.{h,cpp,pkg} .
hg mv src/shared/*.{h,cpp} .
hg mv src/thebes/*.{h,cpp} .
hg mv src/thebes/crashtests .
hg rm {idl,public,src/shared,src/thebes,src}/
hg rm idl public src/shared src/thebes src

One must then also merge the deleted Makefiles into the top-level Makefile, which I leave to someone who understands them better and can test cross-platform.
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Move everything to resp. public and src (as is practice in other areas).
But overall I am in favor of this!
Consensus at the summit was to get rid of public and src everywhere, if I remember correctly.
Even better. Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the summit :-(
Product: Core → Core Graveyard
grr, bogus product move.
Component: GFX → GFX: Thebes
Product: Core Graveyard → Core
QA Contact: general → thebes
gfx is currently:
angle  cairo  harfbuzz  ipc  layers  ots  qcms  src  tests  thebes  ycbcr

angle, cairo, harfbuxx, qcms, OTS, ycbcr are all library imports.  src has no subdirectories.  thebes is at the top level as suggested.  Tests are unified in gfx/tests.

I will call this done.
Closed: 10 years ago
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