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nsIMemory::IsLowMemory needs to reflect reality on maemo


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This function currently always returns FALSE on linux, which is bad.

For maemo, it needs to always reflect the current reality, so if we're low on memory and have code deleting things in a loop it should eventually return FALSE without having to go back to the main event loop.  Perhaps the maemo callbacks need to be listening on their own thread so they can set this value as it changes?
Flags: blocking1.9.1?
Assignee: dougt → doug.turner
This returns the correct predicate for maemo.  It does not turn on the thread watcher -- that is something we should investigate next (right now we already do get notified via the dbus stuff in toolkit, and it isn't clear that we need yet another way to find out about OOM.  In either case, this patch is required).

Stuart could you review please?
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patch v.1
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yea, we should get this in.  a little concerned about the performance impact around what this code does, but we can profile it later.
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Mon Aug 25 12:02:13 2008 -0700	82adea5709e8
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removing requestion flag.  stuart -- this patch landed before 1.9.1, so this fix is on the 1.9.1 branch.
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