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Need dev and staging servers for chat-support


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Right now we don't have any dev or staging boxes for chat-support.  Since we have commencing patching the software, we need places to test/QA.  One vm for each would be super.
Assignee: server-ops → phong
What are the requirements for the 2 VM's?
The two VM's should have a Java SE 1.5 JDK installed, as well as ant, to build Openfire.  (There are some problems when building with Java 1.6, Jive's builds use Java 1.5)  Otherwise, the setup should be as close as possible to the production VM.  (512MB ram on each VM, including the production server, should be sufficient)
The production openfire server has 1024MB of RAM (might be 2048MB... think it's 1024MB, though).
Waiting on storage, should have more storage by Tuesday.
What's the status?
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we got more storage in last week and ready to build more VM's.

Which OS should these be running and in which network?
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> Which OS should these be running and in which network?

RHEL5; I would guess dmz for staging and sandbox for dev?
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how much disk space do you need?
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I think 500 GB should be enough. (Joke aside, could Matthew or Laura answer Phong's question?)
Openfire itself uses about 400MB.  5GB on each should be plenty, 3GB would be the minimum.
Tenser - I nearly fell off my chair.
mrz - Glad I can have that effect even remotely! :)
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Phong, can you please advise status?
It's almost ready for you.  I just have to add it to dns and dhcp.  Once you have the dev server set up, then we can just clone it for the stage server.
Can we please get a status on this?  Haven't heard anything for a week and we
really need this dev server.
Aravind:  can you complete the install on chat-dev (  I also took a clone of it for chat-stage.
Assignee: phong → reed
Sorry about the delay. I'll have this ready for you tomorrow (Friday).
This is blocking bugs that we have freeze for next Tuesday.  I know Reed was on it yesterday.   Can we please get this ASAP?
Severity: normal → critical
sm-chat01 is up at and is ready for use (normal LDAP-based public key auth with laura in sudoers file).

pm-chat-stage01 will be up tomorrow with a copy of production's openfire.

Still need to get zzxc's LDAP account renamed before I can give him VPN access.
zzxc, I need your SSH public key.
Attached file public key
Ok, added.

To connect to sm-chat01, you'll need to get on the MPT VPN ( and ssh to pm-chat01 (username zzxc). You should be able to sudo from there.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Server is up
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Verifying based on comment 23. Thanks everyone!
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