Move the "Mark as Duplicate" link to the right of the status drop down




10 years ago
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Putting aside the fact that I think the whole thing should move back to where it was and not be a drop down (bug 452806), the "Mark as Duplicate" link just takes up space beneath the status drop down. Why is it not to the right of the status drop down? I'm sure there's an excellent reason I'm missing...
Because when there's a status and a resolution dropdown there both, it would cause the right column to move over quite a ways.

It's only taking up about 5 pixels of vertical space, in any case.
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About 5 == 12 plus whatever whitespace is added, but alright. If we make that column wider, can this be reconsidered? (See bug 452824.)

Comment 3

10 years ago
Don't make the column wider. The UI is already wide enough (which was a complain reported several times already).

Comment 4

10 years ago
I think "Duplicate" as a single word would be sufficient, and it doesn't need to be visible as a link if the resolution picker is there, I'd be willing to click on FIXED/WONTFIX and select DUPLICATE first.

It's relatively rare for people to want to change a resolution to DUPLICATE and I think in that case they should be willing to pay the extra 1 click penalty.
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