downloaded files save in incompatible formats even if re-saved manually




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Uploading grades to Blackboard 8.0 takes a process of downloading a
comma-delimited (.CSV) or tab-delimited (.XLS) files. Once such file is
downloaded it has to be opened, saved, and changed to upload new grades. 

Firefox 3 changes the parameters of both the file to be saved without prompting
and eliminates the automatically generated file name of that file. As a result
Blackboard will not recognize the file and instructor is stuck with ...
downgrading to Firefox 2, where it works normally.

Students also have the same problem when they submit work using Microsoft Word
or Excel file. Blackboard interface accessed with Firefox 3 indicates that the
file format is incompatible and action fails.

Reproducible: Always

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Comment 1

11 years ago
In order to get any traction on this, we're going to need your help.

First, you should note that we don't have any blackboard install (and they don't seem to have a trial site to play with on their website) with which to test this, which will explain some of my questions below.

* Can you replicate this behavior using some small set of javascript/HTML from the blackboard install?  I can confirm that simply putting a CSV file on a webserver and downloading it with firefox 3 doesn't cause this issue.
* Firefox change the name of the file or the extension of the file?
* Is this a duplicate of bug 436116 (and if not, why not)?

Comment 2

11 years ago
I have been fighting with my system at home over the weekend. Downgrading to V. 2.16  fixed the problem. Interestingly, the file association was changed also for IE (6. something). So changes were made to extensions on the system in Excel area (?).

I have reproduced the some error on my office computer this morning and will be able to send you some screen shots later today. Will that help?


11 years ago
Summary: downloaded files save in incompatible formats even is re-saved manually → downloaded files save in incompatible formats even if re-saved manually

Comment 3

11 years ago
If the problem also happens with IE 6, then it is almost certainly something that blackboard is doing when they capture the file for upload.  Screenshots won't help much.  It'd be better to try and understand how the black board upload HTML page accepts and munges the file.  Can you attach the HTML of the page that is used to upload the file?

Comment 4

11 years ago
The problem is gone if I remove Firefox 3 and install the earlier version - no change to BB at all. It drove me nuts last weekend and the only thing that fixes that issue is returning to the older version of FFox. Everything works again even IE.6 returned to normal.

I will check if the student data is not going to be compromised and provide you the needed info ASAP. Thanks!

Comment 5

11 years ago
After notifying my college of the issue last week I have not received any information if I can share the documents from the password protected instructor's interface. I guess this is above my head, as I am just an instructor and have to protect any student's information under FERPA.

I will talk to the techs in the computer lab who have handled some of my students' complaints (and one more online instructor) about files being incompatible. It may be best if you are interested in including academics using Blackboard products among your users to have BB supply you a demo site that has fictional data.

I would be happy to help you test it and replicate the errors if need there be.

Comment 6

11 years ago
I don't need/want the file that gets uploaded.  What we need is the actual page doing the uploading itself.  I'm really starting to think this is a dupe of bug 436116

Comment 7

11 years ago
Attached you will have the page - without the frame used by BB that is used to download the file for grade modification in Excel and the upload page that is used to post new grades in the Grade Center. 

It appears to be the same issue as in 436116. The only difference is that I.E. application on two of my systems were also locked...I did not have Opera on my systems....

So if there is a file that both browsers share....I have no idea which java script file in FFox 3 is also used by I.E. 6. - I am just an instructor ;)
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