Inform readers of that hendrix submitters don't read the newsgroup and won't see responses



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corollary to Bug 453613 -  Rearrange front page to make lack of response more prominent 	

Hendrix is intended to be one-way feedback, but well-meaning, helpful people post responses in feedback newsgroup thinking a) this is a "normal" newsgroup and that b) the hendrix submitter is going to see their response (solution, suggestion, etc).  nope. 

I estimate about 5% of postings have responses, and those efforts are wasted unless the info gets to the original poster. But it is nice that people are willing to help. Perhaps we should even encourage more such help?  Or maybe not.

But to the original issue, it would be good to:
a) inform readers of that hendrix submitters don't read the newsgroup and won't see responses in the ng
b) give short instructions in each hendrix posting (or a URL) as to how people can help if they so choose

I'm not sure what that message should be. Maybe bcc submitter, so that others can see the response in the ng and know that the person has received assistance?
How about this at the bottom of every message:

"Note: Hendrix gives no expectation of a response to this feedback but, if you 
wish to provide one, you must BCC (not CC) the sender for them to see it."


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10 years ago
good start. v2...

Note: Hendrix gives no expectation of a response to this feedback. If you 
wish to provide one, reply to newsgroup but you must also BCC (not CC) the sender so they see your response. You must modify sender's email address listed above.
Uh, is the word Hendrix known to users?  It took me forever to figure out what it meant.

Comment 4

10 years ago
I don't know how those poor frustrated users even find the Hendrix page.
Anyhow should TB user decide to use Newsgroups for support, if they look at: under the Newsgroup section, there is no
mention that the Giganews supported groups are free.
Instead, the see 2 links to the signup page for Giganews.
<p>Mozilla newsgroups are provided and hosted by
     <a href="">Giganews</a> <a href="">Newsgroups</a>.
Wayne: I didn't say "newsgroup" because, like other groups, is also a mailing list and Google Group. In fact, some Hendrix mail (for Camino) goes to a mailing list only.

As for modifying the email address, any sensible mail program will complain that it doesn't contain an @. So I think my version covers all the bases, and shorter is better.

David: Hendrix may not be known to users, but it's probably known to people browsing the newsgroup/mailing list (who are the people who will see this message). You can also access Hendrix at 

Joe: Hendrix is not for support, so I'm glad if people looking for support don't find it!

Fixed over in bug 453652.

Last Resolved: 10 years ago
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