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Remove unused strings in installer's


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Windows XP
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Thunderbird 3.0b1


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ERROR_CREATE_DIRECTORY is no longer used by any code, see It looks like it has been replaced by ERROR_CREATE_DIRECTORY_PREFIX and ERROR_CREATE_DIRECTORY_SUFFIX.
Oh and the comment under should also be fixed, the comments for _PREFIX and _SUFFIX seem to be wrong.
I fixed the _SUFFIX comment in bug 454026 since it is Toolkit > NSIS Installer specific. Is the current _PREFIX comment wrong?
The _PREFIX comment is actually correct, I first thought _PREFIX_ERROR_CREATEDIR is used in another way.
The only instance of this string as far as NSIS is concerned is in Thunderbird's file so over to Thunderbird's installer component.

note: the reference in Firefox's locale file is for the old xpinstall installer.
Component: NSIS Installer → Installer
Product: Toolkit → Thunderbird
QA Contact: installer → installer
There's a bug somewhere where I'm supposed to remove, isn't there? I should maybe do that.
Sorry, I haven't seen the bug to remove anywhere but it should be safe to do. NSIS still uses and will need that file until all installers use the unicode version of NSIS or MSI once that is fixed.
note: all of the strings in should probably be checked to see if they are used.
Taking, but I think I'll skip bitrotting myself from bug 345386, since the other unused strings are the not-a-problem OPTION_COMPLETE_(DESC|RADIO) and WARN_APP_RUNNING_INSTALL, and the smack-in-my-context APP_DESC.
Assignee: nobody → philringnalda
Summary: Remove unused ERROR_CREATE_DIRECTORY string → Remove unused strings in installer's
Depends on: 345386
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I love the smell of deleted strings in the morning. Almost makes up for the UTF-8 fail of "@@ -93,14 +90,11 @@ STATUS_CLEANUP=Cleaning up the birdcage�"
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> Fix v.1
> I love the smell of deleted strings in the morning. Almost makes up for the
> UTF-8 fail of "@@ -93,14 +90,11 @@ STATUS_CLEANUP=Cleaning up the birdcage�"

The UTF-8 fails are converted during the preprocessing of the locale files and left as is so when the installer can be built as unicode the strings don't have to change.
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Fix v.1

oops... didn't mean to steal the review
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Target Milestone: --- → Thunderbird 3.0b1
Closed: 11 years ago
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