None of the Arabic short vowel diacritics appear

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See this page

In the section that describes short vowels, none of the marks appear.  Instead, I just see a faint gray circle.

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Assignee: nobody → smontagu
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Product: Firefox → Core
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Odd.  I can see them (in Firefox 3.0.1) on Windows and Linux, but not
on OS X 10.5.4 or 10.4.11.  (Or at least I _think_ I see them on
Windows and Linux, because I don't know Arabic.)

I also see the faint gray circle on all platforms.
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10 years ago
On OS X: they are there, but you can only see them at larger font-sizes (30px+). And, they are positioned differently from what I see with WebKit and Presto (Opera 9.6b): much higher, more to the left. Reduced test case coming.
On Linux / Gecko 1.9.1.b1pre: I _think_ I can see them, very faint. Again, much better at large font-sizes.

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10 years ago
Created attachment 338007 [details]
test case

The first block is @ default font-size, the second block @ 30px font-size.

Comment 4

10 years ago
This testcase is rather different from the original, because there the diacritics and the gray circles are in different spans.

I think this would be best fixed by changing the wikipedia page: the templated source is (with NCR instead of the original Arabic diacritic):

<font size="5">{{rtl-lang|ar|&#x64E;َ}}<sup><small style="color:#CCCCCC">◌</small></sup></font>

which becomes:

<font size="5"><span lang="ar" dir="rtl" xml:lang="ar">&#x64E;</span>&lrm;<sup><small style="color:#CCCCCC">◌</small></sup></font>

In other words the diacritic is incorrectly positioned before the dotted circle (intended to represent the base character) rather than after it, and in a different font size.
We're also at a severe disadvantage that none of Apple's Arabic fonts contain the dotted circle character, so we're getting a (much larger) dotted circle from whatever fallback font is used here (I don't have a dump-textruns build handy, but it really doesn't matter which one) in addition to all the bad HTML.

That is, forcing an enclosing <p> around Simon's testcase to use SIL's Lateef-AAT as the font makes the fatḥa visible.  OTOH, using something like 

<span lang="ar" dir="rtl"><font size="5"><span style="color:#CCC;">◌</span>&#x64E;</font></span>

makes the fatḥa appear without resorting to any wacky element gymnastics, and IMHO looks better than any font-fixed-up with-gymnastics version.  I do believe the page's HTML really is wrong and the fact it works with gymnastics in some REs is just luck.
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