Right-click-menu on folder should have "Unsubscribe option" instead of "Subscribe..."



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It would be a logical and useful addition to the standard folder "right-click"-menu, to have an "Unsubscribe" option.
Currently, to unsubscribe, one must choose "subscribe" (not intuitive), and then find the current folder from the list of folders (a slow-visual scan action), then deselect the checkbox, then hit ok.  
I can right click and do all sorts of folder-specific actions, including deleting the whole folder -- but I don't have a folder-specific option to Unsubscribe.
In fact, logically, I would support getting rid of the "Subscribe" option unless you are right clicking on an "account" entry (often the 'user@server' name).  For individual folders -- Subscribing makes no sense -- you are already subscribed to the folder.  The only logical option to have at that point would be "unsubscribe"....I think it would make the interface more clear and more straight forward to use.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. right click on a folder that's on a IMAP server
2. see Subscribe option instead of Unsubscribe
Actual Results:  
I see option to subscribe to a folder, but no option to unsubscribe to the specific folder I am looking at.

Expected Results:  
Desire to have an "unsubscribe" option, replace the Subscribe option on individual folders -- have Subscribe available when you right click on an account name.

In a way, this could be considered an "RFE", but not having a _direct_ option to Unsubscribe from a folder you can right-click on would seem to be a _minor_ usability issue or bug.

There is obviously an easy work-around -- go to the general folder sub/unsub menu and mark the folder unsubscribed,  thus, I am marking this "minor", in severity as there is an easy workaround....

Hope that makes sense.

Comment 1

10 years ago
I'm going to switch it to enhancement since it's a request for a new feature rather than something that was programmed incorrectly in an existing one.

I think it'd be a nice addition, too.
Severity: minor → enhancement

Comment 2

10 years ago
Question -- wouldn't the fact that it is inconsistent with the right-click menu on when clicking on news-groups be a bug?

I.e. -- what does the "spec" (chuckle) say?  Should subscribe-able folders have or NOT have a "Unsubscribe" option on the right click menu?

Part of the point is that the same right-click brings up inconsistent options for subscribe-able folders.  It seems this should be consistent or I would tend to categorize it as a bug.  

Admittedly, by itself, the lack of unsub, on mail-servers would be an "RFE", but
it DOES exist on servers accesses via proto-news, vs. proto-imap.  Since the UI treats sub-folders under an account as parallel objects, it seems its a bug not to include unsub on imap-based folders (considering they are the same conceptual objects as news-based folders).

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