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need a makefile target that can upload files via ssh


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This will probably end up replacing the MozillaStageUpload stuff in buildbotcustom, and most certainly is needed for various parts of release automation.
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I vote for this (uploading l10n repackages will benefit)
I can hack into this once you have something
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This adds a |make upload| target in toolkit/mozapps/installer, that will upload the package (and installer on win32), controlled by environment variables. It also adds (for Firefox), a top-level target to call into that target.
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This is similar to the previous, but it also allows you to upload files to different subdirectories, so we can put installers etc in the right place.

This doesn't handle uploading full MARs. bhearsum: do you think that should happen in this same target, or in a different target (maybe in tools/update-packaging?)
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So I realized that preserving the installer path is not what we want for nightly builds:

The installer winds up in installer/sea. I think for now, we'll explicitly override PKG_INST_PATH, setting it to empty for the nightly builds when we make installer/upload. Once we get this in production, I'd like to just make PKG_INST_PATH empty by default. I don't see any reason the installer can't just wind up in $DIST like the package.
Actually, moving the default path to be more sensical was something I had in mind when moving those paths into :)
We just need to be sure that all buildbots using trunk are converted to that new code first, including SeaMonkey and Thunderbird ones, as the current buildbot stuff hardcodes install/sea.
We also should be able to handle langpack upload in some similar style.
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mostly complete

We'll deal with uploading the MARs in a separate bug. This patch adds the upload script, and the upload target (and browser/ It will upload the build package (and installer on Windows), controlled via environment vars.
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mostly complete

non-trivial things should be in python, we agree ;-)
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Much nicer.
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with instead

subprocess.check_call is not available in python 2.4, it was introduced in 2.5. As noted on IRC, it's easy to emulate, see for code. r=me with that
Ok, I hoisted that block out of into build/, and used it from both files. (And verified that still works.)
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Small follow-up. Apparently my testing isn't thorough enough, as I failed to notice that msys would also mangle POST_UPLOAD_CMD if it's an absolute path.
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