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Ability to see source of tab (The Final Back Button)


(Firefox :: General, enhancement)






(Reporter: tom, Unassigned)


Some people open webpages from IRC and Mail and Twitter clients and the like.  Ever have a tab and you're like, "How did I get here?"  Well, it'd be nice if Firefox kept a "What tab/url spawned this tab?" for things like that, especially popups.  As well, if you could find out what app sent a data packet to Firefox to open a page (I think this might be possible on OS X, not sure about other systems), that would be way cool.
I like the idea, but what would that look like?  I would be stunned (and maybe a little more paranoid) if I could hit back and see, for example, an IM conversation in my firefox window.  An indication of where the request to open the tab came from would be useful, I just don't see what form it would take.
Severity: normal → S3
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