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10 years ago
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10 years ago
This new version of Deki fixes some issues including a couple of security problems, so we should upgrade ASAP.  Jeremy suggests this Thursday should work and asked me to file a ticket to make sure it doesn't get forgotten.

A few notes from MindTouch to keep in mind during the upgrade:

What branch are you running against? If you're running against you'll always be running against the latest branch (we haven't updated this branch yet with the release, as Kilen Woods is still in the SVN release 'staging area' for some final tweaks.

I would just be careful that when upgrading, you don't lose your local changes (especially the rewrite rules in PHP). Besides that, you will need a new Apache rewrite rule for the new control panel, as well as installing a new component (Prince) to enable PDF printing. These are covered in the release notes:
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10 years ago
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10 years ago
MindTouch pushed the last security fix we were waiting for into the secure branch this afternoon, so we'll pick that up with this upgrade tonight.

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10 years ago
I updated to HEAD of and restarted the daemon.  Anything else?
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10 years ago
Something's not right.  I'm getting various errors.

At the top of the control panel, I see "[MISSING:]".

And the bottom where it should say what version of Deki we're using, it instead says "[MISSING: product.powered]".

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10 years ago
Roy says: Did you update the resources file correctly?  As I recall you have a special NFS share set up for that.

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10 years ago
OK, this is working now.  Thanks!
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