Can't shift-tab from the Bookmark Bar into the main toolbar with FKA on



10 years ago
10 years ago


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Mac OS X
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This worked the other night; I have no idea why it's failing now :(

With FKA on, 100% of the time I am unable to shift-tab from the Bookmark Bar back into the toolbar.

Toolbar config doesn't seem to matter, content page doesn't seem to matter; it seems as long as the Bookmark Bar is visible and FKA is on, it fails.


10 years ago
Hardware: Macintosh → All
When I show the Find bar, this seems to work as expected, but closing the Find bar makes it fail again.

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10 years ago
This fails because of the |CHBrowserView| Gecko-based |ChildView| subviews which, unless the find bar it visible, AppKit detects as the bottom-most geometrically positioned view which can become key views.  Since these views are swapped in and out all the time during page display, they are not properly integrated into our loop.  From talking with Apple, unless we have a complete, closed, loop, toolbar insertion will not always work properly.  In our case, this means reverse-tabbing does not work.

When the find bar is visible, AppKit sees it as the bottom most view, and since it is integrated into our entire loop, AppKit knows exactly where to insert the toolbar into the loop in either direction.

We can fix this by automatically setting each ChildView's nextKeyView and therefore integrating them into our loop.  The problem with that is it can't just be done when page loading is complete (which is what Apple suggested I do, recursively loop through all the child views and add them to our loop), because ajax and other dynamic pages cause new subviews to be inserted on demand.  I'm pretty sure that when I tested with this approach in general though, forward and reverse tabbing did work properly.
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