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Once five tabs are open, the UI to open tabs is pushed off screen


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If a user uses the tab button in the left pannel to open four tabs (beyond the original first tab), the tab button (and the weave button next to it) are pushed off of the bottom of the UI, never to return. There is no way to get them back since, as a separate issue, there is no way to close a tab. 

See attached screenshot.

This was found in the A8 build (20080923171103).
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Wait a minute. You got more than 5 tabs to open? Hurray!

Closing a tab (bug 454667) is waiting for review

But to solve this issue, we talked about making the tabbar width get larger to hold more "columns" of tabs.
Keywords: uiwanted
Whether you have 5 or 15 tabs open, you probably want to be able to open more at your discretion. :-)
Bah - four tabs ought to be enough for everybody. :)

What Finkle said in comment 1 -- when we exceed four thumbnails, we go to having two columns of tab thumbnails.  Because the tab area snaps out into place, it shouldn't require any more dragging to get the larger area out than the smaller one.

Beyond that point, I'm not sure.  We've made a decision to have this area not be pannable -- two independently panning areas next to each other seems like it would be hard to navigate to me, and it opens up a lot of problems.  We can try shrinking thumbnails up to a point.
Attached patch support tabs in multiple rows (obsolete) — Splinter Review
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support tabs in multiple rows

Something not quite right when removing tabs:
* add enough tabs to get 2 columns
* remove a tab from the first column
* thumbnails are missing from all tabs "after" the removed tab.

The tabs themselves seem to be there and the remove button for the "missing" tabs is drawn. It's just the canvas that doesn't seem to be there (or isn't drawn)
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Have two rows of thumbnails really do look good on reduced size screens ... truly ... even worse if it is possible to get a third row.

I would suggest either:

1) a single pannable/scrollable row (maybe panning in sync w/ the page content ... maybe not).

2) to avoid thumbnails to get offscreen, once the row is "full" , start  getting smaller thumbnails when new tabs are added to fit to the single a constant row size.

what do you think ?
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